Transformational Leadership Behavior*

Please rate your leader on the following questions, using the rating scale provided.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Strongly Agree
My Leader...
Is always seeking new opportunities for the unit/department/organization
Paints an interesting picture of the future for our group
Has a clear understanding of where we are going
Inspires others with his/her plans for the future
Is able to get others committed to his/her dream of the future
Fosters collaboration among work groups
Encourages employees to be "team players"
Gets the group to work together for the same goal
Develops a team attitude and spirit among his/her employees
Acts without considering my feelings
Shows respect for my personal feelings
Behaves in a manner that is thoughtful of my personal needs
Treats me without considering my personal feelings
Shows us that he/she expects a lot from us
Insists on only the best performance
Will not settle for second best
Leads by "doing" rather than simply by "telling"
Provides a good model to follow
Leads by example
Has provided me with new ways of looking at things which used to be a puzzle for me
Has ideas that have forced me to rethink some of my own ideas I have never questioned before
Has stimulated me to think about old problems in new ways


Rubin, R. S., Munz, D. C., & Bommer, W. H. (2005). Leading from within: The effects of emotion recognition and personality on transformational leadership behavior. Academy of Management Behavior, 48, 845–858.